• The Maggie Swimsuit


    The Maggie is named after a fellow thriver aka Bald Ballerina. When a suit is purchased 10% of the total cost is given to Bald Ballerina Fund to help Maggie with her costs to survive her ongoing chronic condition of fighting breast cancer. She was only diagnosed in her 20s with Stage IV breast cancer and was told her survival was only going to be two years. It has been three now and she is still fighting. Maggie is also an advocate by educating others on what Stage IV means for breast cancer patients. This stage is the most overlooked and needs more research. 

    The suit itself is made from fine Italian fabric and does not have pockets, it was designed for women who have had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. A raw edge ruffle graces the front of the v neck to help conceal any bumps from scars. No hardware or metal is on this suit which was done on purpose as metal can be harsh on skin. This suit is made from recycled material. Buy this suit today, give back to a great person/cause, and look amazing in a one of kind suit!