hope has been found...

Hulabelle is for every women desiring coverage and high end quality when it comes to swimwear. Designer Dana Dinerman grew up in San Diego California where going to the beach is the normal way of life.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 at the age of 34, Dana found swimwear was missing a link between the sophisticated trends of today and what is being offered for post mastectomy swimwear.   

Dana's mission is to have ALL women enjoy her brand and for there to not be a divide between the two categories of what is considered mainstream and post mastectomy swimwear. Her line is worn by women from different walks of life who have expressed their satisfaction of the Hulabelle line. Dana's motto is we are all survivors and let hope be found in the silver lining that shines during our moments of darkness. 

Dana is currently fighting breast cancer as a chronic condition. Her swimwear line and her family is what helps her enjoy life and gives her ambition to keep living life to its fullest!